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My favorite post is a presentation of a project I want to complete some day in the next 20 years. I is about a social simulator that would allow people to predict social events and behaviors once everyone is involved. It is located here.

Here is my essay about the ideal leader's ultimate goal for the world.
It is about what I speculate what the most ideal leader would make his most valuable and ultimate goal. I have read most of Nelson Mandela's autobiography and researched many influential leaders and then have prepared my analysis of what are some common qualities and goals many influential leaders based on my studies and speculations. This has been a popular post for people searching the web for ideal leader essays.

This post is another popular post. It is about survey that measures the population's level of discontentment and I tell a story of how it might be used. This is my social science fiction story about a discontent person's experience in the fictional world where the survey is used.

Here is a more recent post about experimenting and validation of new laws in experimental cities and settings. Basically I present a solution to gridlock and indecision in our federal government. Some laws have uncertainty in how they will work in our society and using experimental settings for these new laws could prove the efficacy of the experimental systems of laws.

I think it is important to mention this post since it surprisingly attracted the most visits out of any other post. It is about the actual dreams that have inspired me to write and speculate about these social problems and solutions. The dreams are very unique and out of this world and even out of this dimension and time.

I have created an article about what the ideal world might be. This article is a draft and needs more work but still presents a good speculation about ideal worlds. If you like Utopian literature you may like this one but I distinguish this article from Utopian writings because my article is about ideal worlds that might happen in the future if we are devoted to making them happen where as Utopia presumes that it is never going to happen.

I present here a controversial solution to some social problems such as organized terrorism. I propose that we distribute dangerous knowledge very carefully so that people do not become misguided by some terrorist propaganda or misunderstand something because they do not first understand the prerequisite knowledge and information that is necessary for a proper understanding of the difficult writings and other media.

I hope you enjoy these articles and the rest of them I have not listed or summarized which are located in the chronological archive on the sidebar. Please share if you enjoy what you read and encourage others to participate in the projects I have linked on the navigation bar at the top of this blog. Thank you for your efforts to learn about these ideas in these articles/posts. Se my about me page for links to my philosophy essays and other essays.

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