Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Difference between Libertarian Socialism and Democratic Socialism? : socialism

Difference between Libertarian Socialism and Democratic Socialism? : socialism


  • Lots of people in this thread are confused about the difference between 'democratic socialism'

    and 'social democracy'.

    Today, democratic socialism is a fuzzy word and an umbrella term. Orthodox socialist terminology however, is simply that "democratic socialism" is a socialist society governed by means of direct democracy. Democratic socialists (such as George Orwell, Leon Trotsky, Dolores Ibárruri) are almost always revolutionary socialists.

    Social democracy on the other hand is very concretely defined, very different, and rarely advocating direct democracy. Social democracy is the belief that socialist society (of any nature) should be achieved by legally reforming the current system.

    Democratic socialists can be social democrats (weird wording; not sure what these folks like to be called), but most people who identify as democratic socialists aren't.

    Libertarian Socialism

    is a blanket term, mainly used to refer to democratic socialism and anarcho-syndicalism, but also includes any leftist ideologies that argue for limited and decentralized government. All forms of anarchism, Luxemburgism, communalism, and anything else that fits under advocating decentralized limited government (libertarian) & advocating a socio-economic system wherein the workers control the means of production (socialism) is 'libertarian socialism'.

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