Sunday, August 2, 2015

The Hero Virus

What is the opposite of a zombie apocalypse? 

People become infected with a virus that makes modifies their behavior to make them heroic, peaceful, and selfless. Instead of making humans worse, the virus  causes people to help others in need. People become dedicated to social welfare. The virus is transmitted through acts of love like hugs and kisses.

Part 1: Genesis of the Hero Virus

A philanthropist decides that the only way to save humanity from itself is through direct corrective modification of the genes of the human species, to advance our evolution. He secretly organizes a team of genetic medical scientist engineers.

These genetic engineers looked at the genes of the most selfless people. The studied the genes of our greatest heroes. They studied the genes of Gandhi, Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther King Jr., and many other social progress agents. They isolated the genes responsible for their contributions. Then they engineered/spliced, cut and paste those genes into the body of a virus, a gene delivery agent. The had created the "Hero Virus". Under the guise of genetic medical research for novel treatments for sociopathy, they recruited  test subjects who were diagnosed with chronic sociopathy. In a group of sociopaths, one subject was inoculated with the virus treatment. The virus took a few days to affect his behavior. The results were amazing. The subject reported that he loved a fellow subject. After a five days the infected subject counseled the one he loved. A tear formed in his eye for the first time in his life. He hugged the other one and the tear came down and touched the cheek of the subject. A week later the second exposed subject followed the same pattern of change as the first host. Host one and host 2, the second host, were hugging and tearing with love. We hypothesized that the tears were the route of transmission from host to host. We isolated the a tear and found evidence of the presence of the virus in the fluid. With in four weeks all ten subjects were cured of their sociopathy by the Hero Virus. A follow study showed that the hosts continued to show signs of increased empathy for their fellow men after a month. They reported hugging and crying with other people with family and new found friends on a daily basis. 

Part 2: The Breakout

No one suspected that there was an outbreak of the Hero Virus. All around the country there were reports of an increase in the occurrence of random acts of kindness.
High security prison staff reported to national news groups that there was a complete reduction in violence and more reported huggings.
Within a year the virus had reached everyone. The change was unprecedented. Every person and company had become socially and ecologically responsible.

All social ills were relieved, there was no: war, crime, violence, neglect, homelessness, racism, sociopathic businesses and people. All social progress/wellness indicators increased at an exponential rate, including: access to education, literacy, longevity, happiness indices,  access to basic resources, like water, healthy good food. Climate change reversed from negative to positive change. People stopped contributing to negative climate change. They produced and consumed resources in a sustainable way in harmony with the ecosystems they belonged too.

Part 3: Unity

10 years from the first infection: Humanity has become a united being, acting in concert with itself and the universe. Humanity blossomed and spread life throughout the solar system. "Seeds" were sent in every direction.  Seeds are complete systems that contain everything needed to grow in any kind of environment.