Saturday, December 6, 2014

Visions of Ideal Worlds

There are many ideal worlds that have been dreamt of and prophesied. There are religious "heavens on Earth". There are socialist ideal worlds based upon reason rather than faith. Worldviews of the ideal future span a wide range of methods and ways of envisioning these ideal worlds. The book of revelations from the New Testament has a lot of imagery and passion put into its descriptions of heaven on Earth. Socialists visions have been refined since their original  iterations. "Visions of the ideal future", for the purpose of this essay will be called simply "visions", they can fall into various different categories from dull to imaginative, from realistic to fantastical, from simple to complex, order to disorder. I will first explain a vision of the kind that is realistic, imaginative, complex, and orderly. Isaac Asimov, the writer of "The Foundation Trilogy", (see: Foundation series) writes about a galactic empire. The vision in "Star Wars" portrays a similar empire. Asimov writes about a sort of mathematical sociology science that is called psychohistory which predicts the overall trajectory of the empire. Classically, he foresees a fall of the empire. Empires of late have been aggressive towards these kind of prophecies and many killed for making them, because they recognize the power of a prophecy to be self-fulfilled (a vision becoming realized simply by being widely anticipated). Anticipation can determine reality. The creator of psychohistory uses this knowledge to prepare for the fall by stockpiling knowledge need to run a galactic empire before it would be destroyed by the coming fall. 
The Shire in "lord of the rings" is an ideal town where life is simple and you have nothing to worry about, everything is taken care of, and mysteries abound to keep you entertained. Celebrations are frequent.
- - Another realistic, imaginative, complex and orderly vision is my own, a kind of world where all living beings are symbiotically related to one another. There are cities that breathe, walk, and make food from the sun. People are like cells with in them. Every function is improved beyond comparison. Knowledge is instantly learned by every organism the moment it is created. We humans have super human capacities to understand all that is known by humanity. 
This is all possible within the next 100 - 200 years or less. We are evolving our capabilities at an exponential rate, meaning we improve by a rate of improvement that continually accelerates by 10 times in smaller and smaller intervals of time. Climate change is forcing us to band together with the alternative is for humanity to perish. We value this Earth and will do what it takes to save it. We will over come our short-sightedness, intellect and technology will help us see further into the future as Asimov suggests is possible. We are increasing our rate of sustainable development with the "sustainable development goals" to guide us along the way. (Sustainable development goals .:. Sustainable Development Knowledge Platform) There are plenty reasons to be a realistic optimist. 
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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Introducing the new website for the "Social Progress Agents" network and organization

Here is the website to the Social Progress Agents (SPA) network: 
There is a video interview there to of the founder of a anti- human trafficking organization as the first production of the SPA.
Here is the video on youtube and the mp3 podcast version on soundcloud.


Tuesday, February 11, 2014

World Identity Disorder Solutions

World Identity Disorder Solutions
Stating a challenge implies that the current state is less than the ideal state of the thing, region, group.
I suggest that we try to figure out what is the ideal state for each group of people. It appears that geological distinctions are of less importance in the connected world and I think that ideological distinctions or differences of ideals is of greater importance and these differences are the most fundamental differences that make the groups of people in the world so different.
We should develop this world to thrive into the most distant future we can imagine. To develop the world we need to develop common ideals and common values and goals for the world as a whole united and living system. If planets were conscious and if they were as intelligent or more intelligent than our society is now, then I suspect that our planet would be diagnosed by the galactic system as being a schizophrenic planet, in that the identity of the planet is unstable and is working towards many conflicting goals, ideals, and values. The current world identity is suffering from multiple identity disorder (See [1]). Having a galactic perspective of our living systems is challenging as all expansions of perspective are always challenging. I think if the community and social system of cell systems of our bodies can unite under common values and a common mind, then I do not understand how it could be impossible for our system of cells of humans beings to unite as well as our cellular systems have. [2]