Saturday, October 5, 2013

How should we empower and motivate everyone to serve the public good and do no harm to society? A solution for the imperfect society.

10/5/2013, 6:31 PM How should we empower and motivate everyone to serve the public good and do no harm to society? A solution for the imperfect society.
We should make it impossible to do harm to society. If an action has a net loss for the value of society then it is harming society and should not be allowed to happen. Doing things that do not benefit the whole society being should not be allowed since this also harms it since if we are not growing the system then it is dying. No one should be allowed to not contribute to the growth of society. Everyone should be encouraged, motivated, rewarded and incentivized to grow society towards the most ethical and rational goals that benefit everyone in the long term existence of society. We need to get serious about the long term future survival and thriving of our society and values. We should create a fortified city that can replicate itself as the population grows at a steady and reasonable rate. The city should adjust to our changing needs like a cell in our body adjusts to its environment and goals. But the people in this city would need to be dedicated to the common good of the city and the world. In order to make sure they will not deviate from the goals of the society, we must reward good and socially beneficial behavior as soon as it happens and treat and change bad behavior and make bad behavior impossible. We can do this by installing brain implants that communicates all brain activity to a computer that is controlled by everyone who is rational and dedicated to the common good. The computer would recognize when someone is thinking about doing harm and when someone is planning to do something good. This computer would make sure everyone is thinking and feeling rationally, efficiently, and ethically.

What is ethical thinking and what is not will be determined by everyone according to how well they understand the world and how to progress it and computers and technology would aid the process to eliminate human error. We can already use fmri machines to determine when someone is lying today since lying uses more imaginative areas of the brain and blood flow patterns reveal what areas of the brain are being used.  Soon these devices will be hand held and wearable and can even communicate with other brain or computer systems cellularly and electronically. Brain to brain interfaces have been successful already, where one experimenter had his arm controlled and moved by another person who was just had to think about moving his hand. The future can be here sooner than later if we care about solutions to our social problems enough. Soon technology will enable us to use any person's brain resources and knowledge, skills, and wisdom will be in the cloud of minds that anyone can access if they are publicly available or for sale per use, download, upload, or access. The internet of brains will be available in the future. This would enable anyone to contribute to the government decisions according to their level of expertise. Thoughts and actions that aim to cause harm can be eliminated before they happen. There would be no mental illness and no psychopaths since we will be able to use brain implants to provide brain functions that mentally ill people lack.
In the future, no one will understand how some people, in the past, valued "privacy" or the ability to hide from others their intentions, thoughts, and activities. They will wonder why anyone would need to hide such things from others unless they wanted to do harm to society. We have valued things in the past that we consider uncivilized today. We valued the right have slaves and today those rights have been recognized to be harmful to society in the end and they have been abolished today.

The city systems would reward people who do good with more influence over the goals of the city. The most powerful people would be the ones who add the most value to society. Anyone would be able to climb the ladder of power with every action they take to increase their knowledge and understanding of the world and to do good things with their knowledge and resources. If people have to be dedicated to the well-being of the city social system and the world in order for them to gain power, no one with intentions to harm would be able to rise to power and influence.


  1. This vision of the future looks like a mix of "A Brave New World " and "1984"