Thursday, September 26, 2013

What is the ideal goal for your life and for society?

Please answer the question and/ or critique my answer in a way that is comprehensive and supported by reasons:
The ideal goal of my life and of society should be to make the world a better place. What a better place is exactly can be determined by observation, experience, and critical and creative thinking. We should use science and reason to determine what a better world is like and how to make it happen. One way to determine what is good is by observing ourselves and what we are made of. Society is the most complex, most good, most beautiful system known to man. There is a pattern of increasing beauty, goodness, and complexity as we look at the smallest unit of life to the largest unit of life. The larger it is the longer it lives and the more efficient the system becomes. There is a proven law that demonstrates this trend. We need to grow to stay alive. We are not living if we are not growing in some way. All life must grow or improve itself or it is not life. We need to identify with the most good entity and that is society, so we should include society in our selves and identities. To understand this trend just look at the smallest unit of matter known so far, the particle or the smallest constituents of atoms beyond the proton. It has complex behavior due to its association with various forces and fundamental interactions. It has an meaningful identity composed of its many attributes like its momentum (the direction and speed of its movement) and its relations to space and time.
It has tendencies to interact with other entities in certain ways, just like individual people have personalities or tendencies to interact with certain entities. Society also has tendencies to interact with its environment in ways that are more complex and more comprehensible than are particle interactions. Many new laws or phenomenon come into the equation of reality as we move up in scale or magnitude. This description of the fundamentals of life demonstrates what exists and what is most good. Good can be a matter of preference but it is better when it is based on patterns set by reality. We should follow the example set by what has created us which are cells and what creates them which are atoms and particles. We should learn from our creators and follow their example since they have been doing it for an eternity. Just as our creators have created something greater than themselves we must create something greater than has ever been possible at smaller magnitudes. We should make the world a better place by agreeing to give up our ability to do evil or harm just as the particles obey their laws unconditionally in order to create a greater good. We have to set a contract that binds men together so that our fates become shared and united. The greatest goal we can achieve is to connect our consciousness together as our neurons have already done at their magnitude. Let's create the next order of magnitude that is greater than the parts. We need to figure out the way and the technology that is needed to reach this goal of uniting the society. Society will come to live a life of its own when we are ready. After we become a living planetary being we can become a stellar being and then a galactic being and beyond. We need to develop ways and technologies that limit our ability to cause harm to the society. Is there any greater goal and way?
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