Thursday, April 4, 2013

Ethereal Star Being

Please share your interpretations and critiques to this art work that I made yesterday night:

Listening to "Solar Fields" the musician while observing this star is a powerful experience.

I think it is some sort of spaceship with a space-time warp drive. It could be a star revolving around a black-hole. The star has a multi-layered atmosphere. Stars surprisingly do have atmospheres, our Earth is inside the solar atmosphere. This being is exploring the universe at faster than light speed. Please share your thoughts and reactions.

 Here is another picture I just made, 3/5/13, I call it the core of reality or the projector of reality:


  1. It looks cool but, I am unsure what I am supposed to be looking at. It doesn't really draw me anywhere, it just is.

  2. Try to imagine being this star-being/spaceship and you are exploring the universe at whatever speed pleases you most. You could be peeking into other worlds along the journey. Sense the journey that awaits you in this exciting and mysterious universe.