Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Evocative interpretations, reactions, and critique of this inspired and inspirational work of art

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Evocative interpretations, reactions, and critique of this inspired and inspirational work of art: Immense immediate space-time warp drive fuel, an immaterial collection that is the mixing of the following: coalescing energies ,transcendental reality altering machine that is altering the space-time fabric, (this interpretation is also inspired by the article written in this science magazine ) where ethereal transcendent beings cross through a  space-time altering portal.  This picture leads me to believe that transcendent beings are organizing  this reality,  and that we exist in their personal universe which is ultimately their mind. We are part of a stellar mind, which is part of an even greater galactic being all gently affecting space-time around us. I too have seen something like this in my vivid dreams. Some knowledge was transmitted by intuition or brought into my consciousness by energy waves emitted from mini black holes that simply are space-time catalysts that attract and convert energy waves/particles around it into thought material/waves, or sensed by connecting to the infinitely inter-connected particle or wave of energy, the neutrino, the source of inspiration and passions. The transcendent knowledge transformed into an immanent knowledge  about a projector of our apparent reality that projected reality with space-time material and transformed reality with  force carriers and wave/particle creators.  There was, in middle of the spherical throne room or space ship, a decaying ball like device that was acting chaotically but I brought the new reality projector and replaced the chaotic device like one might replace a light "bulb", thus bringing a greater order to the chaotic world.
I love the texture of all the colors, like it was painted on a cement wall.

This could also be the shape of the inter-relating forces creating a quasi-crystal in the center of a star.
It is a star sized being that has an infinite density of semi-real inter-dimensional material.
The red and yellow are the atmosphere of the star which consists of an infinite amount of hands made of energy reaching out into the universe sensing the whole universe. The star's hands also emit an organized undetectable force into everything it interacts with.

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