Friday, March 22, 2013

The Discontentment Survey

A social science fiction:
In order to cut down on mass violence and murdering a task force was founded to implement preemptive strategies to counter and solve mass murders before they happen. Their main method includes using a survey to learn how discontent people are in hopes of dealing with the discontentment before it leads to violence.

About this story and cause: I was thinking of starting a cause for this sort of new safer society  that cares for its most discontent, depressed, and violent people, to help them learn to deal with their anger more appropriately. The Wayseers Manifesto is speech song to inspire people to join the cause that I will advocate if there is enough interest in it. I want to write a book on the concept to inspire people to join the cause. This is the skeleton for the book.

The discontentment survey, goals and requirements:
The survey will measure the level of discontentment in order deal with extreme discontentment before it leads to violence.
Questions from the survey and possible answers of a potential mass murderer, Steve, may include the following:
  1. Do you feel you have the power to make a positive difference in the world around you?
Steve: No, I feel powerless to make the world a better place.
  1. What things and methods are available to you that would allow you to make a positive change?
Steve: I have striven for change but have no means of making a positive change
  1. Are you frustrated by the lack of opportunities to make a difference? How frustrated are you?
Steve: I am so frustrated that I want to put an end to the world.
  1. Has society been a friendly entity to you? What ways has society harmed you? Do you believe you are capable of seeking vengeance on a society that has harmed you?
Steve: Society has been against me. I  am very prepared to seek vengeance. Society has not done much for me, besides trying to brainwash me in to being a servant of it, it always takes and never gives. I will seek justice with deadly force.
  1. What would you do to seek justice? You can tell us, we promise to help you through
Steve: I will kill as many children as I can with explosives, guns, and chemical weapons.
  1. What can be done to stop you from seeking justice or murdering these children?
Steve: If society gives me opportunities to make the world a better place, I will take those opportunities instead of harming society.
The team of  experts:
A team experts in diverse areas of inquiry like the sciences, philosophy, psychology, and political and social sciences worked together to determine how this man could helped to stop being discontent and therefore no longer a threat to society, because these people really wanted a safer society. They are dedicated to alleviating everyone's discontentment.

Develop the story of the philosophy team:
One method was to provide more opportunities to people to do good. But first the people have to want to do good, so they needed a way to persuade people to desire goodness. This was the job for the philosophers. A team of philosophers would be called in to persuade these people to desire the good and to teach these people about goodness. The philosophers are glad to help since this is their most ideal dream job where they can be put to use to effectively make people better. The philosophers also worked with programmers to design a program that would help people design their own consistent belief system. The program also suggested alternative beliefs to consider adding into your system. 
Everyone was required to have the consistency of their beliefs checked by the expert philosophers. This was to ensure that no dangerous beliefs prevailed in anyone's mind, such as a belief that one should terrorize others into believing a certain religion or belief system.
The philosopher's might ask the potential killer, Steve, about his philosophical beliefs:

The Philosophers: We promise that we can help you overcome any sort of doubt about the value of the world. We ask that you cooperate and be honest as honesty will yield for you the best results. We begin our examination by asking: What is most valuable to you?

Steve: I will cooperate, I have nothing to lose, right? I am not sure anything does have value. I do not see value in anything.

The Philosophers: Hegel and we would say that value derives only from your relationship to the state or the greater whole of society. With out the state it is too difficult to maintain value of yourself. The state is here now to prescribe value and meaning into your life and world. Do you accept that your value can only come from the state?

It is a difficult truth to accept. What hope is there if we wish to do other than what the state wants?

The Philosophers: Our method encourages you to ask as many questions as is necessary, so we will answer. An individual is powerless by himself to make an eternal impact on the world. You must realize this. The state listens to the wants of its citizens now as part of the mission of the special task force. You need only tell your assigned leader your desires for change and they will do their best to take action to ensure you get what you desire so long as what you desire is in accordance with the advancement of the state. You have the freedom and maybe even a duty to help the state but you do not have freedom to harm it. The state now cares for its citizens and their wishes. The state is the sum of the desires and wishes of the citizens.

Steve: I see now how the state cares for us, but why should I trust you guys?

The Philosophers: We are men of honor, we serve you as important part of the state. You have nothing to fear of us, we will not harm or punish you for having bad thoughts. We are here to ensure you will be of increased value to the state.
Tell us what you believe to be the purpose of everything?

I have been conditioned by my culture and family to say the answer is that the purpose of everything is to please God, but I am not sure what the purpose is, what should I believe since you guys seem be so wise.

The purpose of everything is what ever the state wishes it to be, which is ultimately what the individuals collectively desires most. Currently it is to realize the dreams of our most imaginative planners. We are to constantly realize every dream imaginable. We have a team of experts who are dedicated to dreaming up and planning the realization of the most ideal worlds. We have expert dreamers who have developed methods of dreaming and perceiving alternative worlds not yet realized. A science of dreams has enabled people to explore new frontiers in their dreams, with the aid of technology. A technology exists to stimulate the brain in ways that allow the mind to envision novel realities. A technology can show what the brain is imagining on a computer and the computer can make changes to the vision, so another mind can enter into the vision and alter the vision of the dreamer. People dream together now, and realize dreams together. Once the idea for this technology was created, it took only a few years to develop it, because we had many experts and resources devoted to creating the technology. It was easy to convince people to devote resources to the development of many technologies because advances in ethical thinking were made by the philosophers and scientists. We understood logic, ethics, and truth so well that we could convince anyone of the truth we discovered and created. We made all these advances because we wanted to know the meaning of life and the universe, so that we could overcome our fundamental differences in beliefs about the purpose of everything.

It was shocking how discontent people were found to be after the survey was used to evaluate everyone's level of discontentment. The level of discontentment in the country was scary. A lot of people were discontent enough to be a threat to society. It was a nothing short of a miracle that these people did not actually do something to seek their own form of justice. Emergency legislation allowed the team do what ever they could to deal with this discontentment.

After more questions were asked, it was determined that this person would undergo special treatment to decrease his threat to society. It is the duty of the task force to persuade and teach him to value the world. A course in philosophy was suggested. Steve would be required to learn the value of the world before he was deemed safe to enter society again. He learns about ethics. He learns what is right, why things are right and what goodness means. Steve was having trouble seeing value in the world, because all he saw growing up was abuse, he did not see goodness because he did not know what it was, it was never shown to him.

Once discontentment was found , then methods to reduce people's discontentment were implemented.

I am speculating that the killer wants to help the world but does not feel capable of doing so. He believes there  is no hope for society, even though he wants a better society. The task force would need to convince the killer that he can make a difference and therefore not give up hope for society. The task force might create opportunities to allow him to help society. If a person is threatening violence then the organization should commit him to violent disposition treatment facility, where experts would analyze him further

About the author:
I am interested in making the world a better place. I want to start or join an organization that is dedicated to social progress. I like the idea of having people whose mission is to deal with the discontentment of others. I like philosophy and all the sciences. I hope to give hope with this story for the future to be a safer place if we care enough about it to care for the discontent. I hope to provide solutions to our social problems and improvements to our state of well-being.

After everyone was analyzed for threatening dispositions and treated or helped, society proved that it cares for everyone. Children are happier knowing that there are not anymore people who are so discontent that they want to harm people. 

In addition to the survey there are various technologies designed to detect violent tendencies. There are sensors that monitor your body and brain changes.

Beliefs that lead to violence are detected and treated. Persuasion is the main method of belief alteration. Advances in persuasion techniques allows society to persuade people to value this world. Other methods include specific brain structure targeted medication that allows people to be receptive to alternative beliefs. Nano-bots use an arsenal of powerful medications and tools to alter brain states. These bots transmit data about the brain to a system that detects threatening brain states.

This ideal future world chose to care for all its people, but will we care enough?
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  1. While I admire your optimistic approach, the things I know-- not believe, but know-- about crime and criminals in the real world say this is more of a fairy tale than any sort of science fiction. The cold hard fact of the matter is that sociopaths exist, they have always existed, and will always exist. Further, they exist in surprising (and deeply disturbing) numbers.

    You can't fix this, not with the technology we have available to us. By definition, a sociopath does not care about society or its members, so there is absolutely no way to get them to cooperate. They are not "unsatisfied" or "discontent." They are *uncaring.*

    Really, this just fails to work on any level.

    1. +ryan Kane
      Then we desperately need to develop this technology. If he have the spirit of wonder to probe particles and discover their properties we can surely probe the the workings of the mind. This technology will develop when people recognize the importance and urgency of it.

      I believe their is a rational cause and solution for everything and for the problem of lack of concern for life. It might be biological, psychological, or philosophical solution

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