Wednesday, February 6, 2013

State of the Nation

I created a presentation on the state of the nation for the Identity Group in Richmond VA, please share your thoughts on it, maybe even create your own presentation and I will put it on the blog with an optional video embedded:

The core questions for this meeting are the following:
Is America on a positive or negative path?
What are the causes of America's negative decline or positive progression?
If on the decline, what solutions do you suggest? If the state of the nation is good, how can we improve?

The path America is on is probably good overall but has negative qualities that need our attention.
Problems that need attention:

Lack of certainty over who or what has the ultimate control over the nation:
The biggest problem we face is knowing whether or not we are in complete control of the path the nation is on. For example, some people believe that a higher power controls the fate of the world ultimately, while others believe that there is no higher power (or that it does not control our fate) which then leaves our fate mostly to ourselves.
The lack of certainty and consensus is a clear problem. For example, if one believes that God is in control then we can relax more knowing that we are safe and our ultimate concern becomes figuring out what God's wishes are. On the other hand if we choose to believe we as humans are the highest power over our behavior then we must plan  the future course of the nation. To alleviate these concerns we need people dedicated impartially to working out what the truth is. These thinkers could be elected by the people and must not gain anything from the outcome of the work besides the satisfaction that their work will help the nation progress towards greatness. Plato and Socrates might call them philosopher kings.
Is there a single entity that is responsible for the path we are on?

Lack of a desired future we can agree on
Ways to define our vision and values:
The future, as commonly thought, exists only as a concept in the mind. We can speculate and then plan what it could or should be like. Speculating does not imply affecting the future, but is a part of planning.  Planning implies that we have a preferred future in mind that requires a careful and premeditated course of action to make certain it will happen. We first need a future that is desirable enough to strive to achieve. Religions often provide this hope for a better future. We need that component of religion that serves to give us something to hope for.

Things to improve vision
"The Future We Want is a global initiative to move beyond negative visions of the future and focus on the sustainability solutions that are ready to be implemented by 2030. "
It is associated with the UN and Rio 20+

We should use technology to make a system to help us vote for the vision we want our country to follow instead of a person we want to follow.

Motivation to do good is problem among many people:
How can we motivate people to make this nation a better place to live?
I think we can motivate people to make this nation a better place by offering something to hope for or something to value, offer them knowledge of values, and a means of educating themselves. People need a vision of the future to live for, we must offer each other visions and plans for the future. We can offer a method of making dreams, visions, and plans. We must offer a variety of dreams and values to live for rather than be homogenous or be the same throughout the society. Old ways of thinking that no longer work need to be replaced by more efficient thinking in order to accomplish goals and dreams. In short, we can motivate people with education, morals, values and ethics education at the core.

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