Thursday, February 21, 2013

A More Personal Government: Gamification of Government

After learning about the barriers to solving social problems I thought of solution. I was learning from the book "How can we solve our social problems":

Solution, a more personal government, gamification of government: I want to start a cause to have a week where every individual can choose where their taxes go or they could earn the ability to choose where a certain percentage of their income goes. What percentage they can control depends on how society oriented they are. If they prove to have understanding of government services and prove to be wise social investors and are completely dedicated to social progress and prove it then they can completely control their tax allocation. To increase responsible allocation of funds participants should prove they are socially responsible, having  the highest interest in improving society, and they should prove understanding of government processes. Hence,  they can qualify for the optional program by learning about how to govern society. Anyone who passes the free course can choose what services to contribute to among many options and there would be a way to create your own service, program, action, organization, or cause to fund. To make it easier to decide, a computer program would evaluate the individual to see what he values and the degree to which he values different services of the nation. For example he could choose how much he values education or the FBI. This way people would learn the value of each part of the government and greater appreciate the parts This would make agencies have to prove their worthiness to the public. He would get to decide what percentage of his contribution goes to each service. Government agencies would be advertising  and proving the quality of their services to the public. This program would increase the efficiency and accountability of each service the government provides. New services would be created bypassing the need for elections and extensive voting. People would organize themselves to spend their funds most effectively. Also, you could choose someone you trust to distribute your funds for you instead of a political party choosing for you. Then government would become personal and an intimate activity you can be passionate about.  It would be more representative of people's desires. 
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