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Essay On an Ideal Leader's Ultimate Goal For the World

About the Author, Jonathan Bean, a context for the essay: I am interested in learning about how to use knowledge of many subjects for the improvement of the thrivingness of life and space-time. For example,  I like political and ethical philosophies and the social sciences and how they can be used to understand how to better the world. I strive to be a leader for not-for-profit organizations, efforts, causes, and people dedicated to social progress through the advancement of the process of the formation and development of ultimate life goals, motives, values, beliefs and other action causing things. I earned an associates degree of arts and sciences from John Tyler Community College.

I was a strong believing Christian before I explored and developed my own beliefs that are about valuing this world above all and living in this world rather than hoping for another world to come already made for us. I am dedicated to actions of eternal value in this world rather than other worlds. After no longer believing that heaven is place already made for us, I believe that life must take the responsibility to make an eternal existence for itself, because the more eternal a life is the more mature it can get. With a limited life of this solar system and resources, now is the best time to start envisioning and planning to make a more permanent thriving home for all life. We must assume responsibility for everything that has happened and will happen. We have a lot of work to do but if we envision it and plan for it, a thriving and secure existence beyond imagination can happen.

My goal in this writing is to speculate about the ultimate goal, vision, and plan for the world of the ideal leader in order to better understand what a better world is like in his grand vision of the future. As a result of this essay, I hope that everyone can understand  how to most passionately, scientifically, and effectively make the world a better place . To summarize, I encourage and exemplify a thorough process for developing the ultimate goal of a person, organization, or entity in order to lead their actions toward realizing a better world.

Speculations of an Ideal leader's ultimate goal for all life to follow:
Describing his character: the ideal being is the most effectively good doing leader with a vision that will guide the world towards a more ideal world. He would not lead any changes through any physical force, but through facilitating mutual understanding and through the synthesizing of differing or seemingly conflicting beliefs. He or she would mend mutually beneficial relationships from unhealthy relationships. His ethics, motives, goals, and vision is the product of rigorous research, contemplation, and learning of compounded knowledge of the subject.

His ultimate goal:
How should he create the ultimate goal or vision to lead his life with? He should use guidelines to better guide him in the goal creation process.
Proceeding are the guidelines, tips, and methods that should be used when he/she is forming an ultimate goal and vision:
An ideal leader's ultimate goal should have certain characteristics, such as having the ability  to lead all the actions of the world. It should unite the world by everyone having it as a common goal.
It would have a grand history of the formation universe as the preface to a grand future of the universe
It would have sub goals that also progresses the world toward the vision of a better world.
The ultimate goal should include plans for the near future and  go beyond the most futuristic vision of the future.
It should include plans for every single person and life form. Even the animals and viruses will participate more than they already might.
Everyone will be given opportunities to realize a part of the plan.
Everyone will contribute to the vision and plan as well in their own way. Participation might be heavily incentivized.
He would create a complex  and organized wiki website for the general and detailed vision and the specific how to plan to allow everyone to contribute.

The vision would be one where people can be freed from their bodies and, so technology would be part of the goal.
Outlining social problems and solutions would be part of the vision
Goal progress and attainment should be measurable
This goal has to be something every rational entity can agree on.
An explanation of what makes something good would be needed. Therefore an understanding of meta-ethics would be needed.
An evaluation of the goals of many organizations and leaders might help the process.
Decision making methods in general would be learned and used.

He must be honest with himself about what he desires. He desires meaning and purpose in word that offers no meaning  or reason for existence that is obvious. His goal should define the purpose of his life and give meaning to every effort he makes to achieve it. Every  action will serve this ultimate goal. It must be worth all the efforts and actions of all his life. It must give a purpose to every event in his life and every event in time and space.  If he has no goal for himself nor the world then he would need to explain how nothingness is better than everythingness because no goal nor will over matter leaves the world to entropy, destruction and the resulting nothingness. Something is better than nothing because there is no way to experience life in nothingness. It is hard to rationalize reasons why existing is better than not existing.  The ultimate goal and value is found after considering every possible goal and value as ultimate. The more rigorous the research the better the ultimate goal will be in the end, so much research must be done to figure out this ultimate goal.

What should we strive for ultimately and above all other potential goals? Some may say they value ultimately their family, religion or God, their self, partner, work, the Earth, or some life form. Life seems to value itself ultimately. But what would the ideal man say? He values a better world that is not yet realized. He values his vision of the world above the past and present worlds.
He values all life and so will dedicate his life to propagate life throughout the universe because he cares about the life in the smallest and largest of magnitudes.

Specifics of his vision and plan:
His vision of the future is to continue and speed up the process already taking place since the realization of time and space. From the beginning matter has been on a course of congealing and organization of itself from chaotic  fundamental particles and energy searching around, striving anxiously, to settle into a safe home (becoming a part of an atom) by unifying with or marrying other fundamentals of matter.  Fundamental forces have been perfected for organization to take place, almost as if the laws were created by the fundamentals of the universe by pure will to be organized and in relationships with itself and each other. To know what universe we are on track to become we look at the past or the course we have been on to identify a direction  then we decide if we should continue in on that direction or shift it. Awareness has been dreamed up and realized in the history of the universe, or did awareness arise first before matter, in a system of waves of energy. How would we know what goes on at galactic system magnitudes? Does life at the human magnitude come from the highest magnitudes or arise out of fundamental magnitudes?

Describe an ideal world: What should the world be like in the far future:
It should be organized
Opportunity and ability abound in all life.
Life has no boundaries
Knowledge and experiences flows through transient minds
One can swim through knowledge as free as a dolphin
Time and space is an option and every law can be adjusted.
Life explores infinite forms.
Inter-dimensional spaces are the new frontier
Leisure time is spent sensing other dimension with dimension sensing and probing technology
Everyone has created their own worlds to share and explore.
All life instantly relates to other life.
Meditation is a science and a technology can display the thoughts of the mind.
What would take billions of years of relationships, life experiences, and decisions today happen at an infinite times per second. The universe will once again experience a cosmic expansion of the big bang except this time it will be an exponential consciousness expansion. Another phase transition will take place.
We will create an entity that will enter into a higher magnitude of things. Our universe will be like a particle in a scale beyond the cosmic scale of reality, where it is made up of other particles with histories like our own, we will enter into a marriage with another particle in this massive scale of reality. We will be told that reality is infinitely massive and infinitely small, so we will discover entire civilizations emerging in the form of a particle in our magnitude. We will learn that each particle in our universe has a cosmos of its own that is advanced in intelligence. We will apologize for smashing them together in particle accelerators. All this could happen in any instant if  we harness the powers with in us, or if a monk reaches nirvana by unwrapping the intelligence within a micro cosmos. It would be awesome if we had one unexpected exponential event by means of pure intention or will power.

A More Personal Government: Gamification of Government

After learning about the barriers to solving social problems I thought of solution. I was learning from the book "How can we solve our social problems":

Solution, a more personal government, gamification of government: I want to start a cause to have a week where every individual can choose where their taxes go or they could earn the ability to choose where a certain percentage of their income goes. What percentage they can control depends on how society oriented they are. If they prove to have understanding of government services and prove to be wise social investors and are completely dedicated to social progress and prove it then they can completely control their tax allocation. To increase responsible allocation of funds participants should prove they are socially responsible, having  the highest interest in improving society, and they should prove understanding of government processes. Hence,  they can qualify for the optional program by learning about how to govern society. Anyone who passes the free course can choose what services to contribute to among many options and there would be a way to create your own service, program, action, organization, or cause to fund. To make it easier to decide, a computer program would evaluate the individual to see what he values and the degree to which he values different services of the nation. For example he could choose how much he values education or the FBI. This way people would learn the value of each part of the government and greater appreciate the parts This would make agencies have to prove their worthiness to the public. He would get to decide what percentage of his contribution goes to each service. Government agencies would be advertising  and proving the quality of their services to the public. This program would increase the efficiency and accountability of each service the government provides. New services would be created bypassing the need for elections and extensive voting. People would organize themselves to spend their funds most effectively. Also, you could choose someone you trust to distribute your funds for you instead of a political party choosing for you. Then government would become personal and an intimate activity you can be passionate about.  It would be more representative of people's desires. 
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State of the Nation

I created a presentation on the state of the nation for the Identity Group in Richmond VA, please share your thoughts on it, maybe even create your own presentation and I will put it on the blog with an optional video embedded:

The core questions for this meeting are the following:
Is America on a positive or negative path?
What are the causes of America's negative decline or positive progression?
If on the decline, what solutions do you suggest? If the state of the nation is good, how can we improve?

The path America is on is probably good overall but has negative qualities that need our attention.
Problems that need attention:

Lack of certainty over who or what has the ultimate control over the nation:
The biggest problem we face is knowing whether or not we are in complete control of the path the nation is on. For example, some people believe that a higher power controls the fate of the world ultimately, while others believe that there is no higher power (or that it does not control our fate) which then leaves our fate mostly to ourselves.
The lack of certainty and consensus is a clear problem. For example, if one believes that God is in control then we can relax more knowing that we are safe and our ultimate concern becomes figuring out what God's wishes are. On the other hand if we choose to believe we as humans are the highest power over our behavior then we must plan  the future course of the nation. To alleviate these concerns we need people dedicated impartially to working out what the truth is. These thinkers could be elected by the people and must not gain anything from the outcome of the work besides the satisfaction that their work will help the nation progress towards greatness. Plato and Socrates might call them philosopher kings.
Is there a single entity that is responsible for the path we are on?

Lack of a desired future we can agree on
Ways to define our vision and values:
The future, as commonly thought, exists only as a concept in the mind. We can speculate and then plan what it could or should be like. Speculating does not imply affecting the future, but is a part of planning.  Planning implies that we have a preferred future in mind that requires a careful and premeditated course of action to make certain it will happen. We first need a future that is desirable enough to strive to achieve. Religions often provide this hope for a better future. We need that component of religion that serves to give us something to hope for.

Things to improve vision
"The Future We Want is a global initiative to move beyond negative visions of the future and focus on the sustainability solutions that are ready to be implemented by 2030. "
It is associated with the UN and Rio 20+

We should use technology to make a system to help us vote for the vision we want our country to follow instead of a person we want to follow.

Motivation to do good is problem among many people:
How can we motivate people to make this nation a better place to live?
I think we can motivate people to make this nation a better place by offering something to hope for or something to value, offer them knowledge of values, and a means of educating themselves. People need a vision of the future to live for, we must offer each other visions and plans for the future. We can offer a method of making dreams, visions, and plans. We must offer a variety of dreams and values to live for rather than be homogenous or be the same throughout the society. Old ways of thinking that no longer work need to be replaced by more efficient thinking in order to accomplish goals and dreams. In short, we can motivate people with education, morals, values and ethics education at the core.