Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Solutions to Crime, Poverty, and Social Disorder

There are many problems to solve. One is crime.
Crime might affect you if you get pick pocketed or robed. But who is ultimately responsible for crime? It is everyone in society who are responsible and are the ones who should do something. Everyone should take action to stop problems from harming us. People should organize to deal with the causes of crime like poverty.  We should deal with poverty then but what causes poverty is lack of education; education enables people to be productive and to help themselves. How do we make education happen? We must organize. Organization is a means to solving social problems. We need social organized action to solve disordered social problems. There is a great lack of organized forces to deal with poverty. We need leaders to organize the poor to help themselves. Imagine an insurance agency that is committed to insuring the success of every aspect of each persons' life.  This would be the ideal organization

A social and political science fiction
The ideal organization dedicated to the success of everyone
What if an insurance program would insure successful and excellent employment, health, living needs, education and well being. You would only pay them when they help you succeed and only when you are able to pay, otherwise it is their responsibility to help you become able to pay without trouble or inconvenience. 

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