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How should we empower and motivate everyone to serve the public good and do no harm to society? A solution for the imperfect society.

10/5/2013, 6:31 PM How should we empower and motivate everyone to serve the public good and do no harm to society? A solution for the imperfect society.
We should make it impossible to do harm to society. If an action has a net loss for the value of society then it is harming society and should not be allowed to happen. Doing things that do not benefit the whole society being should not be allowed since this also harms it since if we are not growing the system then it is dying. No one should be allowed to not contribute to the growth of society. Everyone should be encouraged, motivated, rewarded and incentivized to grow society towards the most ethical and rational goals that benefit everyone in the long term existence of society. We need to get serious about the long term future survival and thriving of our society and values. We should create a fortified city that can replicate itself as the population grows at a steady and reasonable rate. The city should adjust to our changing needs like a cell in our body adjusts to its environment and goals. But the people in this city would need to be dedicated to the common good of the city and the world. In order to make sure they will not deviate from the goals of the society, we must reward good and socially beneficial behavior as soon as it happens and treat and change bad behavior and make bad behavior impossible. We can do this by installing brain implants that communicates all brain activity to a computer that is controlled by everyone who is rational and dedicated to the common good. The computer would recognize when someone is thinking about doing harm and when someone is planning to do something good. This computer would make sure everyone is thinking and feeling rationally, efficiently, and ethically.

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Experimenting with laws in experimental cities

Why don't we come up with a solution everyone would like. If people prove that the obamacare/ACA will work then will everyone accept it? I propose we start off implementing this law in experimental cities where many experimental laws could be tested for efficacy and tested to foresee any problems with world wide implementation of these experimental laws. 
I have come up with the perfect solution to avoid a government shutdown. We could segregate society based on which laws and programs they want to obey and pay for. So for the affordable care act we could create experimental zones where the law and program will be in effect. That way people who want it can go to those places and people who do not want the program can stay where they are. Cities could be created with unique laws like the affordable care act. These zones could be supplemented by border culture mixing zones where people who fundamentally disagree with each other can synthesize their fundamental differences of belief. Constant communication between those differing zones would be required to keep the peace and to challenge deeply held beliefs and spread good ideas.
I have thought about making a nature mimicking plan for the US society to follow if they choose to. It will include building "Social Contract" Communities and cities where people must agree to obey a set of laws and rules that restrict the ability to harm others and require people to make progress for society rather than serving individual interests  exclusively.
The book called "Worldchanging: A user's guide to the 21st century"  closes its last chapter about planetary matters by speaking about the value of imagining the future for the world: "The bravest and most important thing any of us can do is to actively imagine a much better future: not to imagine it in the casual sense of daydreaming about it, but to imagine it in the way an architect imagines a house she is planning to build--to imagine it as reality, to try to see it whole, to lovingly dwell on its details, and to see ourselves walking through it one day."

I have been reading this guide a lot in the past few weeks over 100 pages of the 500+ pages of the book. I recommend it. 
Friend me and buy the book here: Worldchanging, Revised and Updated Edition: A User's Guide for the 21st Century

Thursday, September 26, 2013

What is the ideal goal for your life and for society?

Please answer the question and/ or critique my answer in a way that is comprehensive and supported by reasons:
The ideal goal of my life and of society should be to make the world a better place. What a better place is exactly can be determined by observation, experience, and critical and creative thinking. We should use science and reason to determine what a better world is like and how to make it happen. One way to determine what is good is by observing ourselves and what we are made of. Society is the most complex, most good, most beautiful system known to man. There is a pattern of increasing beauty, goodness, and complexity as we look at the smallest unit of life to the largest unit of life. The larger it is the longer it lives and the more efficient the system becomes. There is a proven law that demonstrates this trend. We need to grow to stay alive. We are not living if we are not growing in some way. All life must grow or improve itself or it is not life. We need to identify with the most good entity and that is society, so we should include society in our selves and identities. To understand this trend just look at the smallest unit of matter known so far, the particle or the smallest constituents of atoms beyond the proton. It has complex behavior due to its association with various forces and fundamental interactions. It has an meaningful identity composed of its many attributes like its momentum (the direction and speed of its movement) and its relations to space and time.

The ethical and reasonable distribution of knowledge

Now secular humanism comes close as a solution to the problems of society like dogmatic thinking, but I do not feel like it would be right to allow completely unguided free inquiry. For example, should we allow people to learn how to harm others? The knowledge of how to harm society is not good for anyone to learn except those who are fighting to prevent harm to society. This knowledge should only be allowed for those who have learned how to do good for society. Without the knowledge of how to be good for society then the knowledge of how to harm will result in people doing harm to society.  This way of releasing powerful knowledge only to those who have good intentions will benefit everyone. We should not allow terrorists to learn about how to lead an organization since this is like giving them weapons of mass destruction. A strong understanding of what is good and how to do good will influence people to be more good as they will learn the value of goodness and societal growth. We should not enable those intent on doing harm to do more harm. This practice is different than totalitarian and selfish acts of censorship. It is more like the ethical and reasonable distribution of knowledge. Would you agree?

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Your Solutions Government Scenario Maker and Player

To the government regulators, policy makers, and game developers:
Here is an idea for a game, website, or scenario creator to involve the public on solving problems. I will be using the example of the problem of mass violence and gun violence:

About me:

Society Future Simulator Game and Tool Presentation
Friday, July 19, 2013
8:21 PM
People and society are in need of guidance on what to do in the future. The vision of the future is dim, hazy, and full of widely different possibilities. It is hard for anyone to be able to decide what they are going to do with their life with such a limited view of the future.  We are not yet conscious of the future
We might not yet control the weather but we do have control over our selves. We should work with the things we have the greatest control over.

The future is important to plan for and we should value it. As a result of the uncertainty and inability to sense the future we fear it and cling to philosophies that value the present time while conveniently ignoring the possible bad futures, but if we care enough and dedicate ourselves, then we can make a greater future that is more valuable than any moment in the past.  Each moment should be better than the previous moment. This world is worth taking care of and improving.

I want to change this problem of the inability to forecast the future. I want to reduce the unknowns and determine the possible futures with an interpretation of the implications of the data of the past and present. In order to determine the general trajectory of society the program will need as much data as possible about the present and past. Just as we know the trajectory of objects in outer space we can determine the trajectory of things of inner space or the mind.  We will one day measure the future trajectory of people by calculating what they will do by keeping track of their beliefs, desires, and other things that cause them to act. With the information about behavior causing entities, we can determine each person's future behavior and their life's trajectory. By gathering data on the causes of a person's success in achieving their life goals we can determine if another person will realize a goal of theirs. Then the program can advise and tell you what you need to do, be, desire, and believe in order to succeed at a particular goal or action. It will be the ultimate life and society guidance system. To protect from misuse the system will not allow you to learn how to do anything evil or harmful.

In order to predict the future we have to cause the future we want to happen. The best way to do that is to learn as much as we can about ourselves and what we want for the future. We need a system that tracks everybody's short and long term plans and goals, and we need artificial intelligence that figures out how all the goals relate and add up.
People should have the opportunity to do what is right but society has the responsibility to intervene when people make the wrong decisions too much or when they are harming society and not helping society.

I invite everyone to participate and help with this project and be a part of making a meaningful contribution to society in the most efficient way possible. 

Background information and introduction to the innovative concept.
I am interested in the gamification (or making scenarios and goal oriented activities) of government and of life in general. I am interested in collaborative games (where everyone wins if they participate) rather than competitive ones. I have ideas for games that could improve government, people's lives, and educate people. The Civilization games are some of my favorite ones because they give you an experience of being a leader of a civilization and you learn history in the process. My concept is influenced by this game, other games, and popular books that forecast the future.

The game/concept
In the game called "Your Solutions" for now, players would have the ability to define problems and solutions and the effects the problems and solutions have on an entity, population, or civilization that the player is advising. They would also define the global effects and influences of these problems, solutions, and effects. Other people could make decisions in the scenarios to see what happens according to the user or expert defined rules and results of each action. People could build every aspect of the scenario. They would determine what happens in the scenario and/or make decisions in other people's built scenarios to see what happens. People would learn problem solving and forecasting skills in this game.

The Mass Violence Example:

Defining the problem:
For example, a problem arises in the media, someone wants to try to analyze the problem in the game and scenario maker, so they define the problem as "There has been a problem with mass shootings that has become unacceptable. There are people who are mentally unstable and who have a strong reason or desire to hurt people. They are intent on hurting society and terrorizing everyone. They want to take away our sense of safety and our well-being.

Then the players would provide possible solutions like, "A solution could be to restrict access to guns and increase the availability of mental health".

The results of the solutions:
Then players would define the foreseeable and possible effects the choices would have on the game like, "As a result of restricting gun use there is greater level of safety and greater happiness from the reduction of terror, and a negative effect would be greater chance of invasion from other countries since people are not armed, that would lead to another problem such as the lack of weapons for civilians to protect themselves from invasions, then the solution might be to allow weapons but have a lock on the trigger that can be released by someone who has authority to enable the weapon. Also, the gun would have a video camera and cellular communication device to make requests to use the gun. So someone could press an emergency button and say I need to protect myself from an intruder then point the gun and camera at the intruder and then shoot if the light turns green. The gun would have a stun and lethal option to adjust to the level of danger and emergency. The system would be paid for by a tax for things that increase crime rates such as a lack of housing and healthcare, so if someone advocates against affordable housing and health care then they would pay a higher tax on those choices…"The scenarios would be run in the game and everyone would be involved in defining every aspect of every problem, solution, and effect.

The online aspect and problem/solution/effect grading system
This would have an online aspect where users could download problems, solutions, and the global effects  of those problems and solutions. They could also grade the user created systems of problems according to the level/grade of fun, complexity, engagement, difficulty, creativeness, happiness produced, and the amount of change the system has on the society and world. Problem/solution systems could also be browsed by topic and genre. These systems could be presented to the participant according to his/her interests uploaded from Facebook. Then users could browse the systems according to the grade of those qualities. They could also browse the most new systems, most creative and/or most complex systems.  The grades would be assigned by expert evaluators chosen by the community. There would be a separate grading system for plain user generated grades and votes. Players could collaborate on the solutions by themselves, or in groups or pairs. The pairing could be made according to similarities in interests, education, and work or a random match maker could be an option. Also  a special matchmaker would be encouraged where  people are paired with those who are very different from you so that people can discuss and learn about solutions and methods from different perspectives.

Getting the policy makers attention efficiently in the real world:
People could vote up things that need the attention of actual politicians. So if a certain decision/policy/change is successful at improving the quality of life and well-being in a well developed scenario (with many factors accounted for) then the change would be voted on, ranked, and graded. Then the highly ranked, graded and voted upon changes would be placed on a petition to be reviewed by expert policy makers who would review and finally implement the solutions in government. Everyone could upload the problems that arise as a result of the solution and change in real-time. The problem/solution cycle  would continue when problems arise, solutions are played out in scenarios, and then successful solutions are implemented in the real world from the best solutions.

Ownership of the game:
The public would own and create the game and it would be open source so it could be modified according to individual/group desires.

Other properties of the game concept:
People would specify what they value and relatively how much they value each value. The game would suggest which policies to try out in your scenario according to your values. This way people would easily guide their scenario if they are inexperienced.

Data from people values would be collected and a scenario would be made that plays the average of everyone's values. So people would be playing their own game and be part of leading an MMOG (Massively Multiplayer Online Game). Everyone could see their effect on the MMOG. People could even vote on who should have the greatest impact with their decisions, values, beliefs, and motivations on the MMOG. The collaborators' decision could be weighted according to their level of skill or expertise as well.

The game would allow people to forecast the future trajectory of the world's development, the future of international relationships, technology, science, violence, terrorism, national/world-wide security, well-being, and health. They would determine what to research and see how each research path has different outcomes and advantages.

There could be a schedule that encourages a time when certain kinds of people will play the game.

In the game people would be discontent when hearing about injustices and human rights violations around the world. This discontentment feature would have a greater effect after social media and the Internet is introduced into the scenario which enables discontent people to organize protests and actions for justice.

People could focus exclusively on certain aspects of the game such as research and development while the rest of the scenario is automated for them.

Global unity and well-being could be a goal to pursue in the game. People would decide what the goals of the civilization should be and what milestones should be reached . Polling technology could measure the amount of happiness and discontentment relative to the most ideal state of happiness where desires are fulfilled as soon as they are created. Great amounts of research and technology would be required to reach this ideal level of happiness.

Space exploration and colonization could be an ultimate goal, or some complex or creative technology.

Transcendence could be a goal, where humans learn to probe other dimension and dark matter and energy. A goal like this would have many smaller steps to the ultimate solution. Goal completion would have to follow what steps are necessary, like creating dark matter machine would be a sub goal to probing and exploring the dark matter.

People could vote on the goals for the civilization of the collaborative MMOG.

The game could analyze everything that a person consists of (values, beliefs, desires, motives) in order to suggest what government policies and decisions they would be most likely to make

This scenario maker / player and game would enhance society and relieve people's discontentment that is caused by the feeling of being incapable of contributing to the solutions of the world's problems. People would be excited to see what problems arise for them to solve everyday. Their time would be spent wisely while making decisions in the game and when making contributions to this game.

This game has the potential to unite the world on solving our problems and on choosing our goals as a society.

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Ethereal Star Being

Please share your interpretations and critiques to this art work that I made yesterday night:

Listening to "Solar Fields" the musician while observing this star is a powerful experience.

I think it is some sort of spaceship with a space-time warp drive. It could be a star revolving around a black-hole. The star has a multi-layered atmosphere. Stars surprisingly do have atmospheres, our Earth is inside the solar atmosphere. This being is exploring the universe at faster than light speed. Please share your thoughts and reactions.

 Here is another picture I just made, 3/5/13, I call it the core of reality or the projector of reality:

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Evocative interpretations, reactions, and critique of this inspired and inspirational work of art

Sound track to accompany this creative experience can be found here:

Evocative interpretations, reactions, and critique of this inspired and inspirational work of art: Immense immediate space-time warp drive fuel, an immaterial collection that is the mixing of the following: coalescing energies ,transcendental reality altering machine that is altering the space-time fabric, (this interpretation is also inspired by the article written in this science magazine ) where ethereal transcendent beings cross through a  space-time altering portal.  This picture leads me to believe that transcendent beings are organizing  this reality,  and that we exist in their personal universe which is ultimately their mind. We are part of a stellar mind, which is part of an even greater galactic being all gently affecting space-time around us. I too have seen something like this in my vivid dreams. Some knowledge was transmitted by intuition or brought into my consciousness by energy waves emitted from mini black holes that simply are space-time catalysts that attract and convert energy waves/particles around it into thought material/waves, or sensed by connecting to the infinitely inter-connected particle or wave of energy, the neutrino, the source of inspiration and passions. The transcendent knowledge transformed into an immanent knowledge  about a projector of our apparent reality that projected reality with space-time material and transformed reality with  force carriers and wave/particle creators.  There was, in middle of the spherical throne room or space ship, a decaying ball like device that was acting chaotically but I brought the new reality projector and replaced the chaotic device like one might replace a light "bulb", thus bringing a greater order to the chaotic world.
I love the texture of all the colors, like it was painted on a cement wall.

This could also be the shape of the inter-relating forces creating a quasi-crystal in the center of a star.
It is a star sized being that has an infinite density of semi-real inter-dimensional material.
The red and yellow are the atmosphere of the star which consists of an infinite amount of hands made of energy reaching out into the universe sensing the whole universe. The star's hands also emit an organized undetectable force into everything it interacts with.

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My Inspiring Dreams and Visions of the Future, a Spaceship Temple, Organic Cities, Time Travelling, Visiting Other Worlds, and Maybe I Am Doing Astral Projection

About my dreams: The first amazing dream was in eternal place, a temple like spaceship traversing the universe at faster than light speed. I felt this was a ship on a mission to educate, improve, and make conscious and intelligent the whole universe. There were many books there. It was a place to grow spiritually.

In another vivid dream, I saw my greatest desire incarnate, an organic city organism that was creating other beings like itself. It created its own energy and did not harm anything in its thriving life.

And there was a visit to the future in my recent dream, about a year ago. I traveled through rooms that seemed to represent certain ages. As I passed to the next room a force took me on a ride like roller coaster through many ages. I stopped and was telecommunicated many concepts in an instant with a future being, I felt inspired and encouraged by it, I felt there was an exciting future to take place and I was to make it happen. It seemed almost featureless, yet taking what ever feature I imagined it to be.

In another amazing dream, I visited another dimension, world or something new. I walked along a beach where the water seemed to be novel form of matter. It was whatever you wished it to be, you could swim like a dolphin and there was no resistance in it, it flowed with you in your desired direction, you could warp through this water too, instantly travelling to any location you could imagine, it became what you imagined or took you there. It was like the mind of a god. I made love in this water. A person shook my hand and instantly I learned everything about him and inherited his expertise and knowledge. There was a tropical hill in the distant shore and a city over the water.

In another dream, a portal opened up and pulled me in and gave me a roller coaster ride through time and space.

 In another vivid dream, I saw the center of reality, it was understood as the  projector of our apparent reality and projected reality with space-time forces carriers and wave/particle creators there was a decaying ball/device that was acting chaotically but I brought the new one and replaced like replacing a light "bulb", thus bringing greater order to a lot of chaos in the world.  This dream occurred after starting a new medication, Risperidal,  which brought order, meaning, and peacefulness into my disordered chaotic mind, it also caused me to appreciate art for the first time. It must have awakened dormant parts of my mind.

In another dream I saw chemicals reacting and dancing  at a molecular level. 

Friday, March 22, 2013

The Discontentment Survey

A social science fiction:
In order to cut down on mass violence and murdering a task force was founded to implement preemptive strategies to counter and solve mass murders before they happen. Their main method includes using a survey to learn how discontent people are in hopes of dealing with the discontentment before it leads to violence.

About this story and cause: I was thinking of starting a cause for this sort of new safer society  that cares for its most discontent, depressed, and violent people, to help them learn to deal with their anger more appropriately. The Wayseers Manifesto is speech song to inspire people to join the cause that I will advocate if there is enough interest in it. I want to write a book on the concept to inspire people to join the cause. This is the skeleton for the book.

The discontentment survey, goals and requirements:
The survey will measure the level of discontentment in order deal with extreme discontentment before it leads to violence.
Questions from the survey and possible answers of a potential mass murderer, Steve, may include the following:
  1. Do you feel you have the power to make a positive difference in the world around you?
Steve: No, I feel powerless to make the world a better place.
  1. What things and methods are available to you that would allow you to make a positive change?
Steve: I have striven for change but have no means of making a positive change
  1. Are you frustrated by the lack of opportunities to make a difference? How frustrated are you?
Steve: I am so frustrated that I want to put an end to the world.
  1. Has society been a friendly entity to you? What ways has society harmed you? Do you believe you are capable of seeking vengeance on a society that has harmed you?
Steve: Society has been against me. I  am very prepared to seek vengeance. Society has not done much for me, besides trying to brainwash me in to being a servant of it, it always takes and never gives. I will seek justice with deadly force.
  1. What would you do to seek justice? You can tell us, we promise to help you through
Steve: I will kill as many children as I can with explosives, guns, and chemical weapons.
  1. What can be done to stop you from seeking justice or murdering these children?
Steve: If society gives me opportunities to make the world a better place, I will take those opportunities instead of harming society.
The team of  experts:
A team experts in diverse areas of inquiry like the sciences, philosophy, psychology, and political and social sciences worked together to determine how this man could helped to stop being discontent and therefore no longer a threat to society, because these people really wanted a safer society. They are dedicated to alleviating everyone's discontentment.

Develop the story of the philosophy team:
One method was to provide more opportunities to people to do good. But first the people have to want to do good, so they needed a way to persuade people to desire goodness. This was the job for the philosophers. A team of philosophers would be called in to persuade these people to desire the good and to teach these people about goodness. The philosophers are glad to help since this is their most ideal dream job where they can be put to use to effectively make people better. The philosophers also worked with programmers to design a program that would help people design their own consistent belief system. The program also suggested alternative beliefs to consider adding into your system. 
Everyone was required to have the consistency of their beliefs checked by the expert philosophers. This was to ensure that no dangerous beliefs prevailed in anyone's mind, such as a belief that one should terrorize others into believing a certain religion or belief system.
The philosopher's might ask the potential killer, Steve, about his philosophical beliefs:

The Philosophers: We promise that we can help you overcome any sort of doubt about the value of the world. We ask that you cooperate and be honest as honesty will yield for you the best results. We begin our examination by asking: What is most valuable to you?

Steve: I will cooperate, I have nothing to lose, right? I am not sure anything does have value. I do not see value in anything.

The Philosophers: Hegel and we would say that value derives only from your relationship to the state or the greater whole of society. With out the state it is too difficult to maintain value of yourself. The state is here now to prescribe value and meaning into your life and world. Do you accept that your value can only come from the state?

It is a difficult truth to accept. What hope is there if we wish to do other than what the state wants?

The Philosophers: Our method encourages you to ask as many questions as is necessary, so we will answer. An individual is powerless by himself to make an eternal impact on the world. You must realize this. The state listens to the wants of its citizens now as part of the mission of the special task force. You need only tell your assigned leader your desires for change and they will do their best to take action to ensure you get what you desire so long as what you desire is in accordance with the advancement of the state. You have the freedom and maybe even a duty to help the state but you do not have freedom to harm it. The state now cares for its citizens and their wishes. The state is the sum of the desires and wishes of the citizens.

Steve: I see now how the state cares for us, but why should I trust you guys?

The Philosophers: We are men of honor, we serve you as important part of the state. You have nothing to fear of us, we will not harm or punish you for having bad thoughts. We are here to ensure you will be of increased value to the state.
Tell us what you believe to be the purpose of everything?

I have been conditioned by my culture and family to say the answer is that the purpose of everything is to please God, but I am not sure what the purpose is, what should I believe since you guys seem be so wise.

The purpose of everything is what ever the state wishes it to be, which is ultimately what the individuals collectively desires most. Currently it is to realize the dreams of our most imaginative planners. We are to constantly realize every dream imaginable. We have a team of experts who are dedicated to dreaming up and planning the realization of the most ideal worlds. We have expert dreamers who have developed methods of dreaming and perceiving alternative worlds not yet realized. A science of dreams has enabled people to explore new frontiers in their dreams, with the aid of technology. A technology exists to stimulate the brain in ways that allow the mind to envision novel realities. A technology can show what the brain is imagining on a computer and the computer can make changes to the vision, so another mind can enter into the vision and alter the vision of the dreamer. People dream together now, and realize dreams together. Once the idea for this technology was created, it took only a few years to develop it, because we had many experts and resources devoted to creating the technology. It was easy to convince people to devote resources to the development of many technologies because advances in ethical thinking were made by the philosophers and scientists. We understood logic, ethics, and truth so well that we could convince anyone of the truth we discovered and created. We made all these advances because we wanted to know the meaning of life and the universe, so that we could overcome our fundamental differences in beliefs about the purpose of everything.

It was shocking how discontent people were found to be after the survey was used to evaluate everyone's level of discontentment. The level of discontentment in the country was scary. A lot of people were discontent enough to be a threat to society. It was a nothing short of a miracle that these people did not actually do something to seek their own form of justice. Emergency legislation allowed the team do what ever they could to deal with this discontentment.

After more questions were asked, it was determined that this person would undergo special treatment to decrease his threat to society. It is the duty of the task force to persuade and teach him to value the world. A course in philosophy was suggested. Steve would be required to learn the value of the world before he was deemed safe to enter society again. He learns about ethics. He learns what is right, why things are right and what goodness means. Steve was having trouble seeing value in the world, because all he saw growing up was abuse, he did not see goodness because he did not know what it was, it was never shown to him.

Once discontentment was found , then methods to reduce people's discontentment were implemented.

I am speculating that the killer wants to help the world but does not feel capable of doing so. He believes there  is no hope for society, even though he wants a better society. The task force would need to convince the killer that he can make a difference and therefore not give up hope for society. The task force might create opportunities to allow him to help society. If a person is threatening violence then the organization should commit him to violent disposition treatment facility, where experts would analyze him further

About the author:
I am interested in making the world a better place. I want to start or join an organization that is dedicated to social progress. I like the idea of having people whose mission is to deal with the discontentment of others. I like philosophy and all the sciences. I hope to give hope with this story for the future to be a safer place if we care enough about it to care for the discontent. I hope to provide solutions to our social problems and improvements to our state of well-being.

After everyone was analyzed for threatening dispositions and treated or helped, society proved that it cares for everyone. Children are happier knowing that there are not anymore people who are so discontent that they want to harm people. 

In addition to the survey there are various technologies designed to detect violent tendencies. There are sensors that monitor your body and brain changes.

Beliefs that lead to violence are detected and treated. Persuasion is the main method of belief alteration. Advances in persuasion techniques allows society to persuade people to value this world. Other methods include specific brain structure targeted medication that allows people to be receptive to alternative beliefs. Nano-bots use an arsenal of powerful medications and tools to alter brain states. These bots transmit data about the brain to a system that detects threatening brain states.

This ideal future world chose to care for all its people, but will we care enough?
This is a sort of Spirograph I made that represents the shape of the orbits of stars, planets, and satellites. Made with this flash software:
I include it because complexity such as these orbits inspire many ideas for me, so I make an attribution to fractals and other psychedelic mathematical art. 
View my art profile on deviant art to see my favorite art and my creations: 

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Essay On an Ideal Leader's Ultimate Goal For the World

About the Author, Jonathan Bean, a context for the essay: I am interested in learning about how to use knowledge of many subjects for the improvement of the thrivingness of life and space-time. For example,  I like political and ethical philosophies and the social sciences and how they can be used to understand how to better the world. I strive to be a leader for not-for-profit organizations, efforts, causes, and people dedicated to social progress through the advancement of the process of the formation and development of ultimate life goals, motives, values, beliefs and other action causing things. I earned an associates degree of arts and sciences from John Tyler Community College.

I was a strong believing Christian before I explored and developed my own beliefs that are about valuing this world above all and living in this world rather than hoping for another world to come already made for us. I am dedicated to actions of eternal value in this world rather than other worlds. After no longer believing that heaven is place already made for us, I believe that life must take the responsibility to make an eternal existence for itself, because the more eternal a life is the more mature it can get. With a limited life of this solar system and resources, now is the best time to start envisioning and planning to make a more permanent thriving home for all life. We must assume responsibility for everything that has happened and will happen. We have a lot of work to do but if we envision it and plan for it, a thriving and secure existence beyond imagination can happen.

My goal in this writing is to speculate about the ultimate goal, vision, and plan for the world of the ideal leader in order to better understand what a better world is like in his grand vision of the future. As a result of this essay, I hope that everyone can understand  how to most passionately, scientifically, and effectively make the world a better place . To summarize, I encourage and exemplify a thorough process for developing the ultimate goal of a person, organization, or entity in order to lead their actions toward realizing a better world.

Speculations of an Ideal leader's ultimate goal for all life to follow:
Describing his character: the ideal being is the most effectively good doing leader with a vision that will guide the world towards a more ideal world. He would not lead any changes through any physical force, but through facilitating mutual understanding and through the synthesizing of differing or seemingly conflicting beliefs. He or she would mend mutually beneficial relationships from unhealthy relationships. His ethics, motives, goals, and vision is the product of rigorous research, contemplation, and learning of compounded knowledge of the subject.

His ultimate goal:
How should he create the ultimate goal or vision to lead his life with? He should use guidelines to better guide him in the goal creation process.
Proceeding are the guidelines, tips, and methods that should be used when he/she is forming an ultimate goal and vision:
An ideal leader's ultimate goal should have certain characteristics, such as having the ability  to lead all the actions of the world. It should unite the world by everyone having it as a common goal.
It would have a grand history of the formation universe as the preface to a grand future of the universe
It would have sub goals that also progresses the world toward the vision of a better world.
The ultimate goal should include plans for the near future and  go beyond the most futuristic vision of the future.
It should include plans for every single person and life form. Even the animals and viruses will participate more than they already might.
Everyone will be given opportunities to realize a part of the plan.
Everyone will contribute to the vision and plan as well in their own way. Participation might be heavily incentivized.
He would create a complex  and organized wiki website for the general and detailed vision and the specific how to plan to allow everyone to contribute.

The vision would be one where people can be freed from their bodies and, so technology would be part of the goal.
Outlining social problems and solutions would be part of the vision
Goal progress and attainment should be measurable
This goal has to be something every rational entity can agree on.
An explanation of what makes something good would be needed. Therefore an understanding of meta-ethics would be needed.
An evaluation of the goals of many organizations and leaders might help the process.
Decision making methods in general would be learned and used.

He must be honest with himself about what he desires. He desires meaning and purpose in word that offers no meaning  or reason for existence that is obvious. His goal should define the purpose of his life and give meaning to every effort he makes to achieve it. Every  action will serve this ultimate goal. It must be worth all the efforts and actions of all his life. It must give a purpose to every event in his life and every event in time and space.  If he has no goal for himself nor the world then he would need to explain how nothingness is better than everythingness because no goal nor will over matter leaves the world to entropy, destruction and the resulting nothingness. Something is better than nothing because there is no way to experience life in nothingness. It is hard to rationalize reasons why existing is better than not existing.  The ultimate goal and value is found after considering every possible goal and value as ultimate. The more rigorous the research the better the ultimate goal will be in the end, so much research must be done to figure out this ultimate goal.

What should we strive for ultimately and above all other potential goals? Some may say they value ultimately their family, religion or God, their self, partner, work, the Earth, or some life form. Life seems to value itself ultimately. But what would the ideal man say? He values a better world that is not yet realized. He values his vision of the world above the past and present worlds.
He values all life and so will dedicate his life to propagate life throughout the universe because he cares about the life in the smallest and largest of magnitudes.

Specifics of his vision and plan:
His vision of the future is to continue and speed up the process already taking place since the realization of time and space. From the beginning matter has been on a course of congealing and organization of itself from chaotic  fundamental particles and energy searching around, striving anxiously, to settle into a safe home (becoming a part of an atom) by unifying with or marrying other fundamentals of matter.  Fundamental forces have been perfected for organization to take place, almost as if the laws were created by the fundamentals of the universe by pure will to be organized and in relationships with itself and each other. To know what universe we are on track to become we look at the past or the course we have been on to identify a direction  then we decide if we should continue in on that direction or shift it. Awareness has been dreamed up and realized in the history of the universe, or did awareness arise first before matter, in a system of waves of energy. How would we know what goes on at galactic system magnitudes? Does life at the human magnitude come from the highest magnitudes or arise out of fundamental magnitudes?

Describe an ideal world: What should the world be like in the far future:
It should be organized
Opportunity and ability abound in all life.
Life has no boundaries
Knowledge and experiences flows through transient minds
One can swim through knowledge as free as a dolphin
Time and space is an option and every law can be adjusted.
Life explores infinite forms.
Inter-dimensional spaces are the new frontier
Leisure time is spent sensing other dimension with dimension sensing and probing technology
Everyone has created their own worlds to share and explore.
All life instantly relates to other life.
Meditation is a science and a technology can display the thoughts of the mind.
What would take billions of years of relationships, life experiences, and decisions today happen at an infinite times per second. The universe will once again experience a cosmic expansion of the big bang except this time it will be an exponential consciousness expansion. Another phase transition will take place.
We will create an entity that will enter into a higher magnitude of things. Our universe will be like a particle in a scale beyond the cosmic scale of reality, where it is made up of other particles with histories like our own, we will enter into a marriage with another particle in this massive scale of reality. We will be told that reality is infinitely massive and infinitely small, so we will discover entire civilizations emerging in the form of a particle in our magnitude. We will learn that each particle in our universe has a cosmos of its own that is advanced in intelligence. We will apologize for smashing them together in particle accelerators. All this could happen in any instant if  we harness the powers with in us, or if a monk reaches nirvana by unwrapping the intelligence within a micro cosmos. It would be awesome if we had one unexpected exponential event by means of pure intention or will power.

A More Personal Government: Gamification of Government

After learning about the barriers to solving social problems I thought of solution. I was learning from the book "How can we solve our social problems":

Solution, a more personal government, gamification of government: I want to start a cause to have a week where every individual can choose where their taxes go or they could earn the ability to choose where a certain percentage of their income goes. What percentage they can control depends on how society oriented they are. If they prove to have understanding of government services and prove to be wise social investors and are completely dedicated to social progress and prove it then they can completely control their tax allocation. To increase responsible allocation of funds participants should prove they are socially responsible, having  the highest interest in improving society, and they should prove understanding of government processes. Hence,  they can qualify for the optional program by learning about how to govern society. Anyone who passes the free course can choose what services to contribute to among many options and there would be a way to create your own service, program, action, organization, or cause to fund. To make it easier to decide, a computer program would evaluate the individual to see what he values and the degree to which he values different services of the nation. For example he could choose how much he values education or the FBI. This way people would learn the value of each part of the government and greater appreciate the parts This would make agencies have to prove their worthiness to the public. He would get to decide what percentage of his contribution goes to each service. Government agencies would be advertising  and proving the quality of their services to the public. This program would increase the efficiency and accountability of each service the government provides. New services would be created bypassing the need for elections and extensive voting. People would organize themselves to spend their funds most effectively. Also, you could choose someone you trust to distribute your funds for you instead of a political party choosing for you. Then government would become personal and an intimate activity you can be passionate about.  It would be more representative of people's desires. 
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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

State of the Nation

I created a presentation on the state of the nation for the Identity Group in Richmond VA, please share your thoughts on it, maybe even create your own presentation and I will put it on the blog with an optional video embedded:

The core questions for this meeting are the following:
Is America on a positive or negative path?
What are the causes of America's negative decline or positive progression?
If on the decline, what solutions do you suggest? If the state of the nation is good, how can we improve?

The path America is on is probably good overall but has negative qualities that need our attention.
Problems that need attention:

Lack of certainty over who or what has the ultimate control over the nation:
The biggest problem we face is knowing whether or not we are in complete control of the path the nation is on. For example, some people believe that a higher power controls the fate of the world ultimately, while others believe that there is no higher power (or that it does not control our fate) which then leaves our fate mostly to ourselves.
The lack of certainty and consensus is a clear problem. For example, if one believes that God is in control then we can relax more knowing that we are safe and our ultimate concern becomes figuring out what God's wishes are. On the other hand if we choose to believe we as humans are the highest power over our behavior then we must plan  the future course of the nation. To alleviate these concerns we need people dedicated impartially to working out what the truth is. These thinkers could be elected by the people and must not gain anything from the outcome of the work besides the satisfaction that their work will help the nation progress towards greatness. Plato and Socrates might call them philosopher kings.
Is there a single entity that is responsible for the path we are on?

Lack of a desired future we can agree on
Ways to define our vision and values:
The future, as commonly thought, exists only as a concept in the mind. We can speculate and then plan what it could or should be like. Speculating does not imply affecting the future, but is a part of planning.  Planning implies that we have a preferred future in mind that requires a careful and premeditated course of action to make certain it will happen. We first need a future that is desirable enough to strive to achieve. Religions often provide this hope for a better future. We need that component of religion that serves to give us something to hope for.

Things to improve vision
"The Future We Want is a global initiative to move beyond negative visions of the future and focus on the sustainability solutions that are ready to be implemented by 2030. "
It is associated with the UN and Rio 20+

We should use technology to make a system to help us vote for the vision we want our country to follow instead of a person we want to follow.

Motivation to do good is problem among many people:
How can we motivate people to make this nation a better place to live?
I think we can motivate people to make this nation a better place by offering something to hope for or something to value, offer them knowledge of values, and a means of educating themselves. People need a vision of the future to live for, we must offer each other visions and plans for the future. We can offer a method of making dreams, visions, and plans. We must offer a variety of dreams and values to live for rather than be homogenous or be the same throughout the society. Old ways of thinking that no longer work need to be replaced by more efficient thinking in order to accomplish goals and dreams. In short, we can motivate people with education, morals, values and ethics education at the core.

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Solutions to Crime, Poverty, and Social Disorder

There are many problems to solve. One is crime.
Crime might affect you if you get pick pocketed or robed. But who is ultimately responsible for crime? It is everyone in society who are responsible and are the ones who should do something. Everyone should take action to stop problems from harming us. People should organize to deal with the causes of crime like poverty.  We should deal with poverty then but what causes poverty is lack of education; education enables people to be productive and to help themselves. How do we make education happen? We must organize. Organization is a means to solving social problems. We need social organized action to solve disordered social problems. There is a great lack of organized forces to deal with poverty. We need leaders to organize the poor to help themselves. Imagine an insurance agency that is committed to insuring the success of every aspect of each persons' life.  This would be the ideal organization

A social and political science fiction
The ideal organization dedicated to the success of everyone
What if an insurance program would insure successful and excellent employment, health, living needs, education and well being. You would only pay them when they help you succeed and only when you are able to pay, otherwise it is their responsibility to help you become able to pay without trouble or inconvenience.